News from Ola Reidar Nyrnes


News from Ola Reidar Nyrnes


A little update.
Some weeks has past, and I have got my first pair of Rossignols! My first day of skiing with Rossignol was at the season opening at Hemsedal resort. The snow was good in the morning, but true the day it got little soft. I skied with Squad all day long. The ski are so big, but so playfull that I got in love with it the first turn. Its my kind of skis, and I cant wait to get into bigger lines and shred the mountain. I think it is the best ski I have ever skied on, it felt like where ment to be. The Sickle ski was not touching snow that day, but it will!
Sadly there is no snow here in Sogndal yet. Some resorts here in Norway are open, but its to far away to ski just for a weekend, and its not so much snow, and I have some exams at the school. But am praying my butt of to the higher gods to send me some snow. The mountains here have snow, but its ice hard, so we need more. Now its december and Christmas-day with no snow is not good!
Me and some good friends are planing to travel the Alps in January. We will stay there for 14 days, where we stay in the Alps is based on the snow. I like Austria and Zillertal, and hope to stay there.
Some more pics and videos will come, when the snow is here. Gopro Hero 3 is in the haus, so am ready.
Have added two pics, one pic is the first day a got squads, and the next pic is from Hemsedal, is not good pictures, but its just a update:)
Best regards Ola Reidar Nyrnes.
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