Dudes in Copper got it crazy !


Dudes in Copper got it crazy !

Riders in this news :  Joffrey POLLET-VILLARD

3rd day in Copper, dude in Copper starts to feel well. Everybody is here, Simon Dumont, Torin, Matt Margets, Jossie...
We can see some good tricks in that insane pipe, the best I ever ride !
Andy Collet was here to film our training, a little report will drop on Skipass.com

I did not show you much about pipe, here is 2 shots from today. Just trying to get my grabs and feel good, even high.

A little back to back 7 (7 combo, right side 7 to switch 7),  no back to back 10 yet, but I still work on it !
I have to make it soon, before trying dubs (scary shit).

I'm so stocked about my Flat 5, I got the good pop and I can go as high as I want. I just take it easy before the Grand Prix and the Dew Tour. It will fly high for sure !

Since we're here, everyday is a blue bird day...
So, it will be good few days, thursday sounds like a day off !

Thank to every followers.
You got me more motivated.


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