Kevin Rolland Exclusive ITW


Kevin Rolland Exclusive ITW

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I just hang up the phone with Kevin Rolland. Here's a little short exclusive ITW with our champion.

Rossignol : Kevin, maybe ( I don't think so but...) some have not heard about you yet. Who are you?
Kevin Rolland : "My name is Kevin Rolland, I'm 19, I'm from La Plagne; a resort located in the French Alps. I been skiing for 12 years now and it's been 3 years i'm in the international Rossignol' team."

R : Now the season is over, how do you spend your days?
KR : "This winter has been really really intense, I been riding non stop, seriously. Now I'm on holidays, resting with my family in the south of France, chilling and getting ready for summer rides and next season competitions."

R : Let's come back on your extraordinary season. Your won the World Cup and smashed many contests. How does it feel? Did it change anything?
KR : "Definitely not. It has just strengthened the feelling that skiing is what I'm made for. You know, last year when I fell, I asked my self tons of questions and I really got scared...I though It would take so long to get back on skis and it did not."

R : How do you consider contests now?
KR : "The same way. I keep it the way it is. Seems to be working pretty good."

R : How is Rossignol pushing you up?
KR : "Riding with Rossignol is great. It's been a lot of time that Rossignol is helping me out. I never feel alone on a contest I know my team manager is here and taking care of me, I don't have to stress out about any kind of problem that could happen. I really love it."

R : Are you going to smash Les 2 Alpes during the Kumi Yama?
KR : "Of Course!"

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