Kevin Rolland, Ski Halfpipe World Champion!


Kevin Rolland, Ski Halfpipe World Champion!

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French rossi’s rider Kevin Rolland, just won the most significant freestyle skiing title. It happened on Thursday March 5th, in Inawashiro, Japan. He becomes the new international freestyle skiing leader at 19! Note to self, his bro Xavier Bertoni, gets the third place by the end of the event.

As finals start, Justin Dorey (CAN) – US Open Winner –  goes big. He scores 45.3 with a perfect double flair on his first air.
Kevin goes right after Justin, definitely hanging on to it, he decides to arm his greatest trick; double flip. Good bet! Kevin scores 45.5, gets on top and won’t let go! He can get back home with his world championp’ gold medal.

Xavier Bertoni also rocked out during this competition; such an amplitude has barely been seen. His run is really really technical but his landings were little bit too low, he gets the bronze medal.

Results Top 5 :

1 ROLLAND Kevin Fra 45.5
2 DOREY Justin Can 45.3
3  BERTONI Xavier Fra 43.3
4 WISE David  Usa 43.5
5 RIDDLE Michael Can 43.4
5 SEATON Taylor Usa 43.4

Kevin’s ITW :

How was your season ?

After last season’s knee surgery, I really cared about a good rehabilitation. During these long months, I never doubted about the fact that I can get back on top. Last fall training went very well and results came by themselves.

Quite of a disillusion this winter, in February, right?

Yeah, X-Games didn’t go as I planned. I was really keen on kicking it big but sometimes things don’t go as planned. As soon as I got back, I only had one objective: Inawashiro.

So here we are, you’re the freestyle skiing world champion…were you expecting it?

Yes but no, I knew I could do it, it was what I wanted the most but I did not take it for granted.

Have you had good night before the finals ?

No, not really. Often during big event I’m quite stressed out. I was really under pressure.

Describe your winning run…

Cork 5 double mute, alley oop flat 5.4 nose, 1260, unatural mactwist, double mactwist

How did you get the gold medal?

I think I landed pretty well my last double flip at the end of the run. Keeping up enough speed was really essential too land it.

What’s on for the upcoming months?

March is still intense but I want to relax a little bit. Tomorrow I’m heading up north for a backcountry photoshoot with my friend Xavier and my sponsor Rossignol. Then, I get back home for world’s cup last stage in La Plagne, my home resort. I want good shoots for next season’s ski videos.

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