Dew Tour Finals - Northstar Tahoe, CA


Dew Tour Finals - Northstar Tahoe, CA

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Last week, top-notch freestylers were pleased to ride for Dew’s Tour last stop. A 3 stages North American competition with a pretty interesting price money at the end for both skiers and snowboarders.
Northstar ski resort, CA located by the beautiful Lake Tahoe, has been choosen for this very last event. The “laser” shaped Half-Pipe, they like these in the US… was smaller than the other HPs built for previous event but still pretty sweet.
Anyway, after what happened in the US two weeks ago; understand Xavier’s and Kevin’s weeks of fame, our Rossi’s riders did not fly to the US just to say hello, they belong now to the high class riders and they want the world to get it!
Let’s move to the finals and the get some action. Xavier throws a pretty good first run and does not go bigger for the second one with a too low landing. This sloppy landing gets him the 5th place.
On Kevin’s side we have a fall during the first run and a perfect double spin as starts the second run, too bad he didn’t get much air for the rest…he gets the 4th place…
It’s quite of a disillusion for our two frenchies who got used to podiums but still a pretty good performance looking at the starting grid.
Top 10 Winter Dew Tour NorthStar :
1st Tanner Hall
2nd Simon Dumont
3rd Colby West
4th Kevin Rolland
5th Xavier Bertoni
6th Matthew Philippi
7th Mat Marguets
8th Tyler Peterson
9th Mike Riddle
10th John Strenio
Kevin Rolland and Xavier Bertoni are now heading toward Japan for two major events : The Nippon Open and Half-Pipe World Cup finals.
Good Luck Kids!
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