Guibault Colas wins Moguls World Cup at Deer Valley


Guibault Colas wins Moguls World Cup at Deer Valley

Welcome in Deer Valley, 2002 Olympic Games resort, moguls race competitions' temple. This heavily moguled course is really long, technical and it takes skills and reason for a skier to score. Reasonable because considering the course’ difficulty the thing was not to go too big on the jumps.

Rossignol skier Guilbault Colas definitely ruled the finals and the qualification; he threw a sober and perfect run combined to a great chrono. Guilbault Colas led the competition. With this medal, Guibault ends up 3rd for world rankings after a not perfect season’ start. Alexandre Bilodeau (CAN) ends up 2nd after a hell of a fast run, his huge sloppy backflip wasn't enough. Patrick DENEEN (USA) gets the 3rd place with a similar risky run. Another French Rossignol skier gets the 4th place, good performance.

We wish our skiers success until the end of their season.

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