Manuel Osborne-Paradis, boss of Lake Louise!


Manuel Osborne-Paradis, boss of Lake Louise!

Riders in this news :  Manuel OSBORNE-PARADIS

Men’s World Cup, Lake Louise (Can) :
First Super G win for Manuel Osborne-Paradis !
7 Rossignol racers in the top 12!!!

Nine month after his first World Cup triumph in Kvitfjell’s downhill (Norway), Canadian Manuel Osborne Paradis celebrated another great victory yesterday in front of his supporters, winning the Super-G at Lake Louise!
Manuel, who will celebrate his 26 years during the opening week of the Olympic Games next February, had never entered the top 10 in a Super G race before this stage!
“I surprised myself with this success today even if I felt that I had improved on the technical part. I trained a lot in GS this summer and this effort starts to pay now. I was not so satisfied with my result yesterday in the downhill since I finished only 16th. So, I skied with more determination today.»
« The conditions were excellent, the course was prepared perfectly and it was really a pleasure for me to feel good from the first to the last gate. When I saw that I had taken the lead with one second, I said to myself that it could be a great day for me but I knew also that there were still many favourites at the start.»
«This victory is crucial since it will help to improve my ranking in the World Cup standings and to have more confidence and motivation for the next races.»
«This result gives me also confidence for the next downhill races because now I know that I can be good on every tracks including the most technical ones. I have now a good amount of experiment and a very competitive material!”

Note also in this Downhill race that 7 racers entered the top 12! After Manny Osborne Paradis in 1st place, we find Robbie Dixon 5th, Adrien Théaux 6th, Ted Ligety 8th, Didier Defago 9th, Christof Innerhofer 11th and Andrew Weibrecht 12th!


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