News of the Frenchwomen!


News of the Frenchwomen!

Riders in this news :  Marie MARCHAND-ARVIER  ; Marion ROLLAND

Marie Marchand-Arvier and Marion Rolland make you share their last feelings before the downhill and the Super Giant which will take place this weekend to Cortina d' Ampezzo!

Marie, how do you go after your fall during the second training? “I just slid, I would have certainly some bruises but it’s ok. It is a little bit frustrating because I was not able to finish but that is only the training. The most important, it is tomorrow!”

What were your feelings during the first training? “The slope is very well prepared this year and rather easy. I think that I wasn’t so engaged, but I am going to rectify it during the race.”

You had signed your first podium here in 2007, it is necessarily encouraging …
“Many persons like this place. I really have a particular story with Cortina. I have in heart to make beautiful races and to remain to concentrate on the present moment.


Marion, how took place the second training?
“Good even if the chronometer is not significant. It was very windy and we stopped before the area of arrival. I still miss important passages then I hope that tomorrow, I would have quite well set up.”

What are the particularities of this slope ?
“The snow is very hanging and it is not necessarily very fast. It is a rather simple slope and you must always search speed. Those who will be in front of, they will be the starved …”

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